Your kingdom come

Hey, Lord, wouldn’t it be GREAT if Your kingdom were here!  Imagine: no more hatred, no more war, no hunger, no pain, no discrimination…..

And what about the positives: what about the deep inner stillness of being in Your kingdom; the peace; the love; the joy. I’ll vote for that: Your kingdom come!

In the Our Father we pray “Your kingdom come”, often daily… even many times a day. So, Lord, what are You waiting for? You told us to pray for it – what’s the problem? You want it, Lord, and we want it too.  Or do we….?

We often think that if we pray for something it will just appear when the time is right.  When it doesn’t, people often lose their faith because they conclude either God does not exist or does not care.

Sometimes we do receive miraculous answers… but most often we don’t.  It does not work like that. If we pray to pass an exam, it won’t happen if WE don’t study! If we pray for physical healing, but continue a stress-filled, junk-food-fed life without exercise, we can hardly be surprised when healing doesn’t come. WE have to do something.

We pray for healing and harmony in our families, but if we continue to do things that contribute to family disharmony, we should not be surprised if healing does not occur. WE have to change our behaviour.

We pray for justice for ourselves at work, in disputes with others; for our society; for our world.  Then WE must be prepared to work for justice.  That means treating our families, work colleagues and employees fairly; buying goods that are not built or transported by those being paid unjust wages; not supporting regimes that routinely torture people.

So, do we mean it when we say “Thy kingdom come”? If we do, what are we DOING to make His kingdom come? Perhaps we should pray, “Lord, let me do my part to make Thy kingdom come”.