Give us this day our daily bread

That’s right – give US our daily bread. Give ME what I need today … and give OTHERS what they need.

If there is one thing the “Our Father” is telling us it is that our relationship with God includes three groups: God, Others and Me.

Most of the time our needs – our daily bread – are met by God through others: employers, doctors, farmers, spouses etc. God does not miraculously make food appear on the table, nor money in our bank account, nor clothes on our back. He expects us to cooperate. He expects US to play OUR part in giving other people their “daily bread” – so that they feel valued, have a roof over their head, and food on their plate. If I am not prepared to cooperate with God so that others can receive their daily bread, dare I pray that they cooperate in giving me mine?

What about when we pray for others? Should we pray: Give < name > this day their daily bread….? Or perhaps: Help me to give < name > this day their daily bread?

Who do I pray for? What do I pray for them? What do I do to help them receive it?

Sometimes we can’t do much for others. A distraught friend, a broken hearted son whose spouse has just left him, a sister diagnosed with terminal cancer: we can’t do much except be there for them. A wise friend once said to me “your job is to pray”. Sometimes that’s all we can do: pray and, perhaps, share their suffering.

Help me, Lord, to give others the daily bread that you want to give them.