Forgive us our trespasses

I don’t really “trespass”…or sin: I’ve never killed anyone, I don’t steal, or dishonour my parents. And for the rest? Well, the odd lie to cover something up, the odd swear word – that’s not really sinning, is it?  I wonder, though, how You view it, Lord, when…

You see my wife speak to me and I’m too preoccupied to really listen. I half listen, but I want her to finish so I can get back to what I’m doing. I look down – my body language saying it all: what I’m doing is more important to me. You see that rejection, Lord, even though she may not even be conscious of it. And I – do I care? Not enough to listen, obviously.

What about the little remarks in a conversation that wound, without meaning to – they show a lack of love. How often when listening to someone relate something that happened do I use phrases like: “oh I would have…”; or ”if I were you….”; or  “you should have…”. Each phrase seems innocent enough, yet each one moves the focus away them and on to me. It says that in some way I am better than they, I know more than they. I’m being self-centred.

The story I told about my colleague – it WAS true, Lord. OK, so I didn’t need to tell it, but, to be honest, I enjoyed putting him down. He’ll never know. But You know. And what is the message that I’m giving to others – that it’s OK to dish the dirt on Your children, my brothers, whom You love?

The food and the clothes I buy? Lord, it’s not my fault that the farmers and factory workers are not paid enough to feed and house their families properly, or send their children to school. I would complain if it were me rather than them. But what can I do? I can’t make the exporters or retailers pay a proper wage; I can’t stop them using child labour. There isn’t anything I can do is there….is there?

Maybe I do trespass… I’m just so full of me that I don’t see it.