Will you help?

You would help your son or daughter, or your friend.

Will you help your brother and sister? 

The plight and suffering of our Christian brothers and sisters is well documented. Some events are so awful they even make the national news, such as the bombing of a church in Nigeria and persecution of Asia Bibi in Pakistan. Many more are documented in ACN posters and leaflets on our church notice board, and still more in the ACN booklet “Persecuted and Forgotten” which was handed out last year.  

The question today is: what are we going to do about it?

Prayer is an important starting point … so is, finding out more.

Head over to http://www.acnuk.org/

Aid to the Church in Need asks that we pray for kidnapped clergy in Syria: 

“Syrian Orthodox Archbishop Yohanna Ibrahim and Greek Orthodox Archbishop Boulos Yazaji, both of Aleppo in Syria, were kidnapped by armed men in April. A statement from the Syrian Orthodox Church said Archbishop Ibrahim had been returning from an attempt to negotiate the release of two priests who had been taken hostage. Some reports suggested the archbishops were freed the day after their kidnapping, but the Syrian Orthodox Church said this was not the case and that they do not know their whereabouts.” 

“Please also pray for Fr Michael Kayal, Fr Ishak Mahfoud and Fr Hassam Tabara, who were kidnapped in February, Fr Fadi Haddad who was kidnapped and murdered in November 2012, and seminarian Benjamin Camil, training to be a deacon, who was killed by a bomb in March.”

Will you spare 30 seconds to ask God to help?

If you want to do more – raise awareness amongst others, or give financial support to the many ACN projects – you can.

But first, and last, please pray.