Christian Winter in an Arab Spring

The Arab Spring has turned into a Winter for many Christian Arabs as extremists continue to attack churches, kill and violate Christians in an attempt to drive them out of many countries. So many Christians have been forced to flee effects of the Arab Spring that the status of Christianity as a world-wide religion in under threat.

Syria is the latest in a long list of countries (Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia …) where the situation for Christians is dire. Patriarch Gregorios III says that in Syria alone 450,000 Christians are internally displaced or have become refugees abroad. (That number is almost twice the population of Aberdeen.)

What can WE do?

Please visit to find out more about. There are short videos showing shocking events in Syria and among other “persecuted and forgotten” Christian groups. Pass these links on to other people to raise the awareness of the under-reported persecution of our brothers and sisters.

Aid to the Church in Need is especially asking for our prayers for Syria at this time.
Please commit to spending 2 minutes in prayer for them, using the prayers at

It is not a big commitment.

Elsewhere, Christians in Burma (now Myanmar) were hopeful that the new government with Aung San Suu Kyi would usher in more freedom for all its peoples, including Christians – and so it seemed to be. Unfortunately religious violence continues not only against Christians but also against Muslims, many of whom are driven from their homes.

Meantime, ACN has part funded the building of chapels and churches to accommodate the increase in the number of Catholics. ACN is also providing stipends for Burmese priests working with the 2.5 million Burmese refugees in Thailand. In one village ACN supports a new initiative to farm 8 pigs with the profits going to provide food and schooling for 15 youngsters.