… In eyes that see me …

You know how sometimes somebody says something, or you say something or sing something and it suddenly strikes home in a way it never had before? I had that experience last time I sang a well known hymn of which the last verse is:

Christ be in all hearts thinking about me,
Christ be in all tongues telling of me.
Christ be the vision in eyes that see me;
in ears that hear me, Christ ever be. 

And it was the third line that hit me: Christ be the vision in eyes that see me.

I asked myself one simple question:

“Do people see Christ when they look at me?”

My answer was, and still is, a resounding NO. Oh dear. And there I was thinking I was at least a reasonably good Christian – I take my faith seriously: I go to church, pray, give alms, sometimes get involved in helping others and try to do and say what is right. Yet I doubt very much than anyone would see Christ when they look at me.

My next question was:

 “How would I have to live for people to see Christ when they see me?”

Not easy. Perhaps I could focus on being other-centred.  Focus on what others say and need when we talk together – and that includes when I am interrupted doing my oh-so-important things. Focus on understanding their needs and responding to them. Jesus hardly ever spoke of His wants or needs or how others had offended Him.  He was always available to others, never turned them away, always sought to help others.  That is easy to say, difficult to do.

Yet another question was:

“Do people see Christ in the way I live”?

What car would Jesus drive? Indeed would He drive a car? How would He care for the environment: Would he have the latest iphone and a large house? What would He do in His spare time  – watch the TV?

What would He eat? Would he buy foods from the other side of the world? Would He buy Fairtrade? How many pairs of shoes would He have? Would they have been made with child labour?…. so many questions….. so many issues.