St Joseph’s – a look at the pipework

The slates have now been re-instated on the front section of the church roof above the nave. To see pictures of the renovation work, read on …There was some delay to the work due to high winds and rain in the last few weeks.  The slates used on this side, facing the dual carriageway, are the best of the original slates that were removed from the roof in August.  On the other side of the roof we will have slates that have been bought to replace the old damaged slates.

Inside the church a lot of work has taken place to prepare for the under floor heating. The gas pipes and meter have been installed, ready for the boiler which will be situated in the far corner of the foyer. The pews, which had been stacked in the foyer, have been moved into the nave in order for pipes to be laid under the floor in the foyer. This was only possible because the floor has now been laid in the nave.

The delivery of the new windows is expected soon, so the old casing around the inside of windows has been removed, revealing the stonework behind. The cabling for the new wall lights has also been run along the walls of the nave.

At a meeting this week we considered the question of colour schemes for the walls of the nave and sanctuary. What will we choose?

141023 1 slates now on front roof

141023 1 slates now on front roof
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Slates reinstated on the front of the roof