21st December – Mass in St Joseph’s church

The end of the renovation work is in sight!
We had a crane to lift the air-conditioning unit through the roof a couple of weeks ago.  Now the roof is finished and some of the scaffolding has now been taken down.  The windows have been fitted; the lights are on; the heating works.  The insulation is being laid in the roof space; the painting is well underway.    Next week we hope the carpets will be laid …and then the church is ours once more!

Our first Sunday Mass back in the St Joseph’s will be at 11:30am on Sunday 21st December, so we hope to see YOU there.

(Please note: the Polish Mass on Sunday 21st December will be at Sacred Heart, Torry, but the Polish Christmas Day Mass will be in St Joseph’s)

141204 01 the boiler in the foyer

141204 01 the boiler in the foyer
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The new boiler in the corner