Excuse me….. ‘ you busy?

‘ you busy? Me too!

Got toooooo much to do? Me too!!

It’s strange, but I never seem to have time to do all the things on my list.   I race from day to day and as I cross one thing off my list I add two things on!

I’m tooooo busy. Tooooo much to do.

And yet, somehow I seem to find time to watch that football match, see my favourite programmes on the tele, play that game or read that book.   And I ask myself why is my life like this?

In business we have a phrase “what’s important gets done”. In our private lives there is a similar truth: “What seems important TO ME gets done”. I do the things that deep down inside me seem important – these may or may not be the things I ought to do (in fact, I’m quite good at putting off the things that perhaps I ought to do, but do not really want to do).

It is easy to find out what is important and what takes priority in our lives: all we need to do is make a list of what we spend our time on.

This year I made a list, and then I asked myself questions such as:

  • Are these things really the important things in my life?
  • Do they reflect the life of a Christian?
  • What one thing will I stop doing or cut back on that does not help me become a better person/live out my Christian life?
  • What one thing will I do that will make my life more meaningful?

Why don’t you make your list and ask yourself some questions – see what you discover!