The Pope’s aid initiative

Pope Francis asks us to support his humanitarian aid initiative on behalf of Ukraine.

Pope Francis says that at this time “which is like the heart of the Holy Year of Mercy, my thoughts go to all the people who thirst the most for reconciliation and peace. I think, in particular, here in Europe, of the ordeal of those suffering the consequences of violence in Ukraine: of all those who remain in the areas devastated by hostilities that have already caused several thousands of deaths, and of all those — more than one million — who have been forced to leave due to the grave situation that persists. It is mostly the elderly and children who are involved. In addition to accompanying them with my constant thoughts and prayers, I have decided to promote a humanitarian aid initiative on their behalf. … I invite the faithful to join in this initiative through their generous contribution. This act of charity, in addition to alleviating material suffering, is meant to express my closeness and solidarity, and that of the entire Church. I fervently hope that it may help to promote, without further delay, peace and respect for law in that land so sorely tried.”

160324 Aid for Ukraine
160324 Aid for Ukraine
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