Don’t give this up for Lent

Aid to the Church in Need asks us not to give up praying for Syria.
After so many years of fighting you may find it hard to keep caring.  Well, read about Elias. He’s one of the luckier Syrians –  he survived being tied to a cross by Daesh.

As is their custom, after Daesh entered Raqqa they imposed  jizya tax – a tax payable by all non Muslims. The tax, although mentioned in the Quran, had not been imposed for over 100 years until Daesh started imposing it. Daesh’s choices are simple: leave, convert or pay the jizya tax…. or we will kill you.
Elias and his wife Samar could not afford to pay the tax so Daesh invaded their home. They hit Elias on the back of his head with the butt of a gun and took him away. He was bound hand and foot to a cross and told that his throat would be slit after one month.
Elias begged God for mercy. A plane came and dropped bombs and Elias managed to escape.
He met up with his wife and a nomad drove them the 125 miles to Aleppo, where they were still alive several weeks ago. ACN is supporting the Elias and Samar through Sr. Annie Demerjian (a member of Sisters of Jesus and Mary) by helping to provide somewhere to live, food, cloths, heating and water.
Elias and Samara have two children, Rima (18) and Youhanna (17). They may not have been so lucky: they were caught by Daesh and have vanished.
Of the many things you may give up during Lent, please do not give up on Syria. Please pray for this worn-torn country.