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Aid to the Church in Need

Without Christ, everything goes wrong, because He is the head governing the whole of mankind. And Christ is present only where there is love.
Father Werenfried van Straaten, founder of Aid to the Church in Need

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) helps Christians around the world who are suffering persecution or oppression for their faith.

Tim is the parish contact person for Aid to the Church in Need.  Some of the leaflets that he has handed out at Mass can be found in the category ACN News.

Some of ACN’s key projects are:

  • Financially supporting priests and religious sisters in impoverished areas of the world
  • Providing financial support for more than 15000 seminarians each year
  • Providing transport (bicycles, cars, boats, mopeds and donkeys) for priests and Sisters in areas where they have to travel vast distances over rough terrain to reach Christian communities
  • Supporting programmes of training for lay people to teach the faith and providing catechetical materials
  • Funding evangelisation projects such as Christian radio, television channels and websites
  • Publishing a child’s bible – this collection of bible stories has been printed in 171 languages
  • Supporting schools for Christian children in Islamist north Sudan

To find out more about the work of ACN you can visit the website: