George Street Charity Shop

We need your support for St Joseph’s fundraising week; 23rd -27th September, in the George Street Charity Shop. We need:

  • donations of clean & good quality clothes, bric-a-brac, books, ornaments and small pieces of furniture. In the weeks beginning 9th & 16th our hall will be open Monday, Wednesday & Friday evenings from 6-8pm or Wednesday & Thursday from 10-11am to drop donations off;
  • volunteers to help sort and price the items during daytime hours – times can be flexible: initially Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th from 10am-12noon;
  • volunteers to staff the tables at our pre-sale in the hall on Sunday 15th after Mass from 12.50-1.30pm;
  • volunteers with cars to take donated items to the charity shop on Sunday 22nd from 9-10am (the more cars the better);
  • volunteers with cars to take leftover items back to the hall from the charity shop on Friday 27th from 1-3pm;
  • volunteer helpers in the charity shop – we need 4 to 6 people helping either selling, sorting or tidying, with 3-6 hours cover by volunteers every day. Shop maybe open 9am–5pm if enough volunteers. More hours = more sales.

We are happy to provide a written testament of work experience for those of you who are seeking a Duke of Edinburgh Award, Community Volunteer Award or work experience for job seekers if there is a sufficient commitment of hours. If English is your second language, we would be delighted to offer you the opportunity to speak in English to other volunteers and customers. Coffee and tea is always available for the volunteer workers. Please see Pat, Liz or Hilary after Mass to offer your help in support of our parish building fund or contact us.