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Children’s liturgy

Does your child find it hard to sit still while you listen to the readings and homily?  Would you like your child to learn more about the Catholic faith?

The children’s liturgy is there for you!

The children’s liturgy takes place in the church hall during the 11.30am Sunday Mass, and is for children of ages 4 to 8. The children leave the church with their teachers (leaving Mums and Dads in church) after the opening hymn, and return in time to take part in the offertory procession.

The children’s liturgy is based on the Gospel for the day, but involves various activities such as drawing, colouring, acting and singing.

Please note:

Children who have made their first communion are expected to remain in the church with their parents to fully take part in the Mass.

Parents with children under the age of 4 are encouraged to sit with them in the entrance foyer, if their children are distracting others in the congregation.Children at Xmas 2011