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Welcome to St Joseph’s Catholic Church

We are in Woodside, in north Aberdeen. Whether you are new to the area, or just passing, we welcome you.  Do join us at Mass if you can.

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Sermon for 5th Sunday in Ordinary time

‘If you want something done ask a busy person.’ This popular saying seems to be counter-intuitive. But its popularity is in itself a proof of its veracity. Busyness is quite commonly considered a sign of the right attitude, responsibility for one’s own life and so on. Busy people usually are reliable, because they have developed all the necessary skills to deal with multiple tasks. Skills like planning ahead, dividing the whole challenge into smaller, manageable sub-tasks, steps necessary to achieve their goal or to solve the problem. On the other hand, people found to be reliable are getting busier, because we all prefer to work with individuals who’ve proven themselves trustworthy. So, busyness and reliability go hand in hand. (

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Sermon for 4th Sunday in Ordinary time

I’m Father Tad. T-A-D. I’m not Father Ted. That’s a completely different character (I hope). From my accent you can rightly guess that’s I’m ‘nae Scottish’; or – to be more precise – neither was I born nor brought up in Scotland. But, according to my DNA research, I’m 11.3 percent Scottish. Is that good enough? Well, I hope so. I certainly love Scotland; otherwise I wouldn’t have stayed here for over 11.3 years. As for the rest of my genetic composition, I’m Central European, Baltic (very appropriate for weather in Aberdeen) and Jewish. To make things even more confusing, I’m legally British. In other words, I am a pure breed mongrel – and proud of it. What am I doing here, in this parish? Dare I say, I’m responding to the call from today’s first reading: ‘Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you came to birth, I consecrated you; I have appointed you as prophet to the nations.’

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Another Goodbye

We are sorry to say goodbye to our Polish priests. 
Fr Krzysztof leaves us on December 31st, and Fr Janusz in January.
We thank them for their time with us.

Madonna and Child

Click below to see a new painting by Fr Stuart Chalmers.
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New priests at St Joseph’s

From 1st of October we welcome two  Pallottine priests to St Joseph’s: Fr Krzysztof Frost and Fr Janusz Wilczynski.  Fr Frost has recently arrived the America to become the priest in charge at St Joseph’s.  Fr Janusz has been saying Masses at St Mary’s Cathedral and St Joseph’s for some time.

Farewell to Fr Kingsley and Fr Peter

Sadly we say goodbye to Fr Kingsley and Fr Peter after their brief stay at St Joseph’s.
We wish them well in their new parishes of Huntly and Keith.

Fr Kingsley and Fr Peter

Fr Kingsley and Fr Peter
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Fr Kingsley and Fr Peter, arrived from Nigeria in June 2018.

A message for Sea Sunday (8th July)

As we celebrate Sea Sunday, we are invited to remember the 1.2 million seafarers from all nations, professing different faiths, forced to live for several months in the confined space of a vessel, away from their families and loved ones, Continue reading

Pope Francis: communications

“The truth will set you free” (Jn 8:32).
World Communications day is  on Sunday 13th May.
Read what Pope Francis says about fake news and journalism for peace.
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Irregular marital situations

Bishop Hugh has invited certain priests to be available to help those in what the Church calls “irregular marital situations”. Continue reading

Pope Francis: Vocations message

“We are not victims of chance or swept up in a series of unconnected events;
on the contrary, our life and our presence in this world
are the fruit of a divine vocation,” . Continue reading