Building Fund

There are always expenses involved in maintaining and running a church!

In 2012 we completed an extension to our church which had to be paid for. Then, in 2014 St Joseph’s church was closed for 4 months while we carried out a major renovation costing more than £260,000. We have had to borrow most of this money and expect to be repaying our (interest-free) loan until 2034!

Fund-raising activities are organised at intervals, and in addition we have a second collection for our building fund once a month.

However, there are two other ways that you can increase your support without any cost to yourself.

Gift Aid
If you fill in a Gift Aid form and use our gift envelopes whenever you give money to St Joseph’s we will be able to reclaim the tax that you have already paid on the money. This means for every £4 you give we can claim an additional £1. (Note: you can only use Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer.)

Easy Fundraising
If you sometimes shop online you can register with Easy Fundraising. Then when you shop online the store pays a percentage to St Joseph’s Woodside.

If you spend £40 with Amazon, then Amazon donates £1 (2.5%) to St Joseph’s. It is easy, and it does not cost you anything!

What you need to do:

  1. Register: Visit and register as a shopper. The cause you are supporting is: St Joseph‘s Woodside Aberdeen
  2.  Shop: When you want to shop, login into and find the page of Retailers. Click on the name of the Retailer and shop in the usual way. You pay the same price as normal. The Retailer pays a donation to St Joseph’s Woodside.

Please register and help us maintain our church building.